Terms of Use

Copyright Holder of Voice Banks: "瑞波スイ/Minami Sui" and "Soda Series"



Copyright Holder of Characters: "瑞波スイ/Minami Sui" and "Soda/奏多イコト/Soda Ikoto"



Copyright Holder of Illustrations

The parson/people who painted the illustrations



If the Terms of Use differs with the documents or sites, it gives priority to say the distribution site.



- Pretend to be copyright holders.

- Do nuisances for anybody using the voice banks.

- Express of slandering any person, groups, the state or the nations with using the voice banks.

- Use for promoting crimes.

- Inflict on the voice banks' makers, the people using the voice banks or unrelated people.



- Use the voice banks and/or the characters for commercial purpose or enterprises.



- Use with any soft wares and/or plugins.

- Distribute modified oto.ini files.

* Indicate these information:

- What they are modified

- The voice bank's name before modification

- The person/people's name who modified the voice banks

- Use with "HANASU".

- Dub any character's voices.

* Indicate the voice banks' names.

- Use and process official illustrations.

* Retain the original form.

- Make any derivative works using the voice banks.

- Upload your works to any video and/or music streaming sites.

- Upload your works to any illustration sharing sites.

- Express of love.

- Express of sexual minority (E.G. LGBTQ)

- Express of being equivalent to rating (E.G. R-18, R-15, PG-12)

* Indicate warning notices.

- Make derivative characters.

- Make and upload the characters' MMD models.

- Use Dojin; publication aimed at particular hobby groups.



If you are unable to get in contact with copyright holder, 炭酸水/Tansansui, within a year, you are allowed to to redistribute the voice banks and the files pertaining to it.



Copyright holders shall not hold any responsibility to incidents, damage or loss using the voice banks and/or characters.

You shall use the voice banks and characters at your own risk.




October 23rd, 2018: Revised and Corrected Sentences

January 17th, 2018: Corrected Sentences

June 2nd, 2017: Revised and Corrected Sentences

December 5th, 2016: Corrected Sentences

July 30th, 2016: First edition